The Promoting Physical Activity and Health in Ageing (PAHA) project

The Promoting Physical Activity and Health in Ageing (PAHA) project is a tailored intervention for older adults with different functional capacities. Through a supervised and structured exercise programme for senior citizens (55-65 years olds), PAHA intends to convert currently inactive people into regular exercisers at a level that is beneficial to their health, supporting the EU Guidelines on Physical Activity and the European Week of Sport.

PAHA logoIn each one of the 8 project partner countries – Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Portugal and the United Kingdom – 3 fitness centres will run 3 trial sessions of supervised exercise of   6 weeks duration, for 15 participants at each session. For that purpose, the fitness coaches, instructors and other community workers involved in the project will receive specific training on both motivational skills and in active ageing promotion.

The participation in the trial periods will be free and the older adults who take part in the project will be offered preferential arrangements for them to continue exercising for a minimum of a further 6 months period as well as some non-monetary incentives.

Last but not least, proper measurement and assessment will be crucial. Through a comprehensive evaluation system, the PAHA Project will develop transversal standards that will be made available for education structures of sports organisations across Europe. The aim is to create a methodology that can easily be adapted and replicated tin different settings, allowing more citizens to take up regular exercise and health-enhancing physical activities.

The PAHA project Delivery Partners:

  • EuropeActive – EU/BE
  • Coventry University – UK
  • Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität - DE
  • SkillsActive - UK
  • Portuguese Health and Fitness Association (AGAP) - PT
  • The Hungarian Health and Fitness Association (HFHA) - HU
  • Sport-Ionad Reiguinach Chorcai Teo (Leisureworld) (IrelandActive) - IE
  • Finnish Health and Fitness Center’s Association (SKY) - FI
  • Attic Union of Gym Owners (AUGO) - EL

And, as part of the delivery of the trial programmes Fit & Sund - DK

The project runs for 18 months and started on January 1st 2015.

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