European Physical Activity Promotion Forum (MOVE)


EuropeActive was as associate partner in the MOVE project that has produced a summary booklet on best practice which can be downloaded here

EU LogoUnder the EU Health ProgrammeEHFA is pleased to be a partner of the MOVE 2011 project which is being funded by European Commission’s Executive Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC) and is operated by ISCA (The International Sport and Culture Association). The project starts in March 2011 and will run for 3 years.

MOVE is an action by ISCA (Main partner), 7 Associate Partners and 15+ Collaborating Partners spanning across Europe. The partners are united in MOVE to identify, qualify and implement good practices in cross-cutting community initiatives to promote health-enhancing physical activity in socio-economically disadvantaged areas. MOVE takes a strong starting point in sport and physical activity stakeholders to build several high-impact cross-cutting partnerships and implement pilot actions with e.g. municipalities, fitness sector, universities, playground industry, architects and urban planners – as also reflected in the broad Project Partnership.

The MOVE project targets potentially disadvantaged groups such as youth, ethnic minorities/immigrants, women/girls and seniors in socio-economically disadvantaged areas.

With an outreach to both European, National and Local level stakeholders, MOVE adds European value to fulfil the objectives of the European Commission’s Second Health Programme by addressing physical activity as an important health determinant; by developing and exchanging best practices within the scope of the programme; and by supporting cooperation to implement these practices.

The methodology of MOVE is combining thorough good/best practice identification and valorisation with a very strong mobilization and dissemination effort (using among others a targeted web platform and major conferences in 2011 and 2013).

The outcomes of MOVE can be summed up to constitute 5 European, 12 national and 60 local level cross-sector partnerships that are committed to promoting physical activity in Europe. Further, 15 pilot actions will be implemented based on good practices and innovative partnerships developed in the project.

This will add to the body of knowledge and experience that ultimately will enable the targeted disadvantaged target groups to make healthy life style choices in physical activity.

For further information please contact:

Anders Tharsgaard, Project Manager
International Sport and Culture Association
Tietgensgade 65
DK-1704 Copenhagen V

Tel: +45 33 29 80 26
Fax: +45 33 29 80 28
Mobile: +45 40 76 29 37


Download a copy of the MOVE Project Brochure here